It takes a valley - PVSF Annual Campaign 2022-2023

PVSF Annual Campaign 2022–2023

Your Annual Campaign gift makes our good schools GREAT! The annual fund enables smaller classes with well-trained teachers, art, music, PE, language, and other programs, and up-to-date technology, books, and resources

For decades, the Portola Valley Schools Foundation has provided essential funding to supplement the Portola Valley School District’s annual operating budget. In fact, 5% to 7% of the District’s operating budget comes from the Annual Campaign! Your gift empowers the district to provide an exceptional educational experience to our students.

We are proud to have a 13:1 teacher-to-student ratio – putting PVSD in the top 1% in the state! We also have on-site counselors, STEM labs, art, music, foreign language, PE, and a variety of electives, which many larger districts are not able to offer.  Without generous funding from the community, the District would have to cut back on these programs.

Please join us today so that we can raise $1,100,000 and reach 100% district family participation. Your gift is tax deductible. Remember, it takes a Valley! 

With gratitude,

Linda Kamran, Claire Selden, and Vani Suvarna

PVSF Annual Campaign Co-Chairs



District Family



Campaign Goal

Please give by
November 29

How Much Should We Give?


per student, per year

It Takes a Valley – to make sure PVSD schools remain amazing places for learning, community, and growth. 2022 is the first time in four years that PVSF is increasing the requested contribution amount for our Annual Campaign. In recent years, our contribution to the District’s annual budget has fallen from 9% to 5% while District costs have continued to rise. Of course, philanthropy is a very personal decision and we encourage you to give at the level that is right for you.

Thank you for donating last year!

Neighbors & Friends
Friends, neighbors,
+ District alums
District Families
Ormondale and Corte Madera Families
Business Partners
Local realtors, restaurants,
+ service providers

Our goal is 100% participation!

Any donation, no matter the size, makes a difference to the bottom line, incentivizes others to give, and builds our sense of community. Please give what you are able. If you are in the position to do so, please consider giving more to support families who cannot.

What We Fund
Dedicated counselors

2021–22 Revenues + Expenses

Select A Section

Select A Section

Why Don’t My Property Taxes Cover the Schools’ Expenses?

You may think, especially when property taxes come due, that our schools have plenty of money. The reality is that less than 25% of your property tax payment goes to the PVSD.

Tips for District Families

Grade Captains will follow up with emails, calls, and texts until your family donates or pledges until the campaign ends.

Thank You Grade Captains & Business Partner Committee

Your 1/1 communication with District families and local businesses helps spread the word about our impact on PVSD.

Orm Grade Captains
Dina Abarca
VTP Liaison
Mariya Anderson
Transitional Kinder
Crystal Ciancutti
Transitional Kinder
Kate Fenwick
Transitional Kinder
Kristen Sink
Carolyn Worthington
Erika Evans
Alisah Senuescu
Janeen Poutre
Hilary Gebhart
1st Grade
Eve Moscato
1st Grade
Korinn Myers
1st Grade
Khosheh Sanglaji
2nd Grade
Vivian Shih
2nd Grade
Erica Pun Woo
2nd Grade
Katie Dodd
2nd Grade
Nelly Wolfson
3rd Grade
Amy Iftekhar
3rd Grade
Cindy McAdam
4th Grade
CMS Grade Captains
Meghan Imrie
5th Grade
Kim Cashin
5th Grade
Brook Coffee
6th Grade
Naomi Pritikin
6th Grade
Jo Mutch
6th Grade
Kristine Lange
7th Grade
Serena Hanes
7th Grade
Julie Harding
8th Grade
Business Partner Committee
Ruhi Khan
Naomi Pritikin
Erin Murarka

Donating Securities

Business Partners

ginny kavanaugh real estate
280 west
the village doctor
service by medallion
village square veterinary hospital

2021–2022 District Family Donors

Thank you to the generous PVSD families who donated to the Annual Campaign

2021–2022 Community Donors

Thank you to the staff, teachers, alumni, local businesses, friends and neighbors who donated to the Annual Campaign

Matching Gifts

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Apple, Inc.
Electronic Arts
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson
RPX Corporation

Schneider Electric North America
Silicon Valley Bank
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Visa, Inc.

2021-2022 Board Members

Wendy Keefe
Heather Cunningham

Annual Campaign Co-Chairs
Linda Kamran
Claire Selden
Vani Suvarna

Chief Financial Officer
Chris Selden

Rachel Sink

Endowment Committee
Leslie Skanberg (Co-chair)
Laura Davidson (Co-Chair
Dan Gilbert (EIC Chair)
Kim Cashin
Anne Van der Staay

Community &
Business Partner Committee
Ruhi Khan
Erin Murarka
Naomi Pritikin

Fanfare Lead
Michelle Gilman Jasen

Major Donor Committee
Josh Moser
Jo Mutch
Vani Suvarna

Liaisons/At-Large Members
Cindy McAdam, PVSD Budget Committee
Jo Mutch, PVSD Facilities
Kit Antovich, PTO

At-Large Members
Serena Hanes, Andy Barrows

Advisory Board
Cathy Carlson
Steve Cassani
Joyce Chung
Jill Howard
Dave Kastanis
Ginny Kavanaugh
Mary Kiely
Eli Khouri
Mary Anna Matsumoto
Kristi Patterson
Susan Strehlow
Bill Youstra