Flexible, Adaptable, Nimble

Last year, 80% of our families contributed to the Portola Valley Schools Foundation Annual Campaign. The additional funding the Foundation granted to our District provided the resources needed to pivot quickly and efficiently when our world turned upside down.

This year the Foundation needs your support more than ever.

Every year the Foundation assures small class sizes.

This year your donation helps fund classes of fewer than 16 students to meet state requirements.

Every year the Foundation invests in teacher training and technology for our classrooms.

This year our long term investment is paying off with a successful transition to online learning.

Every year the Foundation supports counselors and specialists so all students get the support they need.

This year those professionals are critical as we build a sustainable distance learning program.

So join us today in ensuring our children receive the best education possible. Your donation is tax deductible.

Linda Kamran
Annual Campaign Co-Chair
Heather Cunningham
Annual Campaign Co-Chair


District Family



Campaign Goal

Please give by

November 20th

Extended to Giving Tuesday, 12/1
Please give now!

Help us Reach 100% Participation

Any donation makes a difference to the bottom line, incentivizes others to give and builds our sense of community. If you have not been financially impacted by the pandemic, consider giving more this year to support families who have lost jobs and income.

Thank you for donating last year!

Neighbors & Friends
Friends, neighbors,
+ District alums
Business Partners
Local realtors, resturaunts,
+ service providers
District Families
That’s 80% of families!

Meeting the Challenge of
Educating in a Pandemic

Our Foundation provides annual support for the supplemental programs, teacher training, technology, counselors and specialists that allowed our District to pivot effectively to Distance Learning. Your contributions helped the District fund additional safety measures and meet the unique needs of each and every family.

Distance Learning

Hands-on Learning
When Ormondale and Corte Madera closed because of COVID-19, the Foundation funded backyard garden and at-home Maker Club activities, Art, Physical Education, and Music to keep our kids engaged.

Thanks to Foundation funding, all students had Chromebooks for Distance Learning, and all the software needed. Every day, teachers saw their students’ smiling faces and shared their knowledge in real time.

Distance Learning Support
This summer, the Foundation funded a distance learning program that provided teacher training and the platform to develop invaluable playlists for each class.

Counseling Services

Both off campus and on, our dedicated counselors supported the emotional needs of our students and families with social and emotional learning in every grade, and one-on-one counseling for anyone who needed it. In districts with no foundation, counseling support is rare and especially important during these challenging times.

In-person + Virtual Academy

Additional Teachers
The District has been strategic about moving specialists to core teaching positions and reducing staff to meet our changing needs. In addition, the Foundation contributed funds to maintain small and stable cohorts, accommodate teachers with health concerns, and provide Virtual Academy teachers for students who cannot return to campus.

Back to Campus Safety
The Foundation supported a safe return to campus by paying for added protective equipment, safety signage and extra supplies when students no longer could share paintbrushes, books, and pencils. 

Did You Know?

Districts that do not have foundations are finding it difficult or impossible to pay for the extra teachers and safety supplies needed for on-campus learning and are forced to remain in Distance Learning.

How Much Should We Give?


per student, per year

This exceptional year brings with it unprecedented needs. We recognize that some families have been financially impacted by the pandemic and, as always, sincerely appreciate donations of any amount appropriate for your family. If your family can give more, please consider doing so to support families who are unable to contribute the full amount.

Grade Captains
Hilary Gebhart
Khosheh Sanglaji
Vivian Shih
Jane Daniels
1st Grade
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1st Grade
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2nd Grade
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2nd Grade
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3rd Grade
Claire Magat
3rd Grade
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4th Grade
Brook Coffee
4th Grade
Kristine Lange
5th Grade
Serena Hanes
5th Grade
Julie Harding
6th Grade
Hilary Keller
6th Grade
Sarah Dorahy
7th Grade
Brook Coffee
8th Grade

2019–20 Revenues + Expenses

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Select A Section

Why Don’t My Property Taxes Cover the School’s Expenses?

You may think, especially when property taxes come due, that our schools have plenty of money. The reality is that less than 25% of your property tax payment goes to the PVSD.

2019-2020 District Family Donors

Thank you to the generous families who donated to
the 2019-2020 Annual Campaign

2019-2020 Community Donors

Thank you to the staff, teachers, alumni, local businesses, friends
and neighbors who donated to the 2018-2019 Annual Campaign

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2020-2021 Board Members

Aimee Armsby
Wendy Keefe

Annual Campaign Co-Chairs
Heather Cunningham
Linda Kamran

Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Barrows

Jami Worthington

Endowment Committee
Erin Sanders, Co-chair
Serena Hanes, Co-chair
Sue Ten
Leslie Skanberg

Community &
Business Partners Committee
Rachel Sink
Erica Johnston
Jeff Wiley

Karyn Ellis

Major Donor Committee
Michelle Gilman Jasen
Ruhi Khan
Susan Hinrichs Rau
Josh Moser

Liaisons/At-Large Members
Rich Zamboldi, PVSD Budget Committee
Cindy McAdam, PVSD Budget Committee
Hilary Duwe, At-Large Member
Dan Gilbert, At-Large Member

Advisory Board
Cathy Carlson
Steve Cassani
Joyce Chung
Jill Howard
Dave Kastanis
Ginny Kavanaugh
Mary Kiely
Eli Khouri
Mary Anna Matsumoto
Kristi Patterson
Al Schreck
Susan Strehlow
Bill Youstra